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Suzhou Lake Taihu

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I have lived in Suzhou for 10 years. Taihu is one of the places I miss all the time.

Taihu (Chinese: 太湖), also known as Lake Tai or Lake Taihu, is a lake in the Yangtze Delta and one of the largest freshwater lakes in China. The lake lies in Jiangsu province and significant part of its southern shore forms its border with Zhejiang. With an area of 2,250 square kilometers (869 sq mi) and an average depth of 2 meters (6.6 ft), it is the third-largest freshwater lake entirely in China, after Poyang and Dongting. The lake holds about 90 islands, ranging in size from a few square meters to several square kilometers.

苏州太湖油画 by Fan Stanbrough
Suzhou Lake Taihu by Fan Stanbrough




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