Life is a dream – Calligraphy meets Ukiyo-e


Hand-Painted Art Reproductions; Watercolor 18” x 24″ No Frame

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My thoughts are puzzled on this historical battlefield
Laughing myself sentimental, gray hair has appeared.
Life is a dream
Let me bring a glass of wine to the river, to toast the bright moon on the river​

This poem is from Su Shi’s “Chibi Huaigu”. Su Shi was a Chinese poet, writer, politician, calligrapher, painter, pharmacologist and gourmet in the Song Dynasty of China. His poetry has a long history of popularity and influence in China, Japan and other surrounding areas, and enjoys a high reputation in the English-speaking regions of the world.

The original painting was created by Kawase Rensui. He is a Japanese artist and one of the most important and prolific printmakers in modern Japan. The name of the painting is Moonlight of Futoshi Island-Matsushima.

I combined the two of them together, this is my version.

Life is a dream - Calligraphy meets Ukiyo-e
Life is a dream – Calligraphy meets Ukiyo-e

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