My Husband Xiong and His Cat

My Husband Xiong and His Cat

My Husband Xiong and His Cat

This is our cat; she is 12 years old already. Her name is Sparkles. Since she came to live with us, we have started to call her ‘Xiao Kitty,’ which means ‘little kitty’ or ‘cute kitty.’ She is very, very cute and shy. We love her so much. My husband, Xiong (bear), treats her like a queen. They are a xiongmao (bear cat) team, and ‘xiongmao’ means panda in Chinese. My husband often jokes that the social hierarchy at home is me at the top, then Xiao Kitty, and he is at the bottom. I am not sure that is accurate. My husband and Xiao Kitty seem to team up together sometimes, and challenge me. It feels like they’re on one side while I’m on the other. ;-(

Even through, Xiao Kitty’s endless cuteness still mell my heart in any minute. I have drawn her in some of my paintings. Check out

“Xiao Kitty” Cat Oil Painting

“Xiao Kitty” on the Economist Oil Painting


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